If you’ve been home shopping around Salt Lake Valley, you’ve probably seen all sorts of different housing styles. It’s great we have so many different options, but it’s also important to understand exactly what type of property you’re buying before putting down an offer. 

With condos and townhomes making up the largest real estate market here in the Salt Lake Valley, it makes sense many home buyers are asking themselves: Should I buy a single-detached home or a townhome?

Both are great options, so choosing can be hard. But asking yourself a few key questions may help you make up your mind about what's right for you and your family. 

1. Does the location match my lifestyle? 

Single-detached homes provide owners with the most space for families to grow. They also usually appeal to people who want a private yard for their children to play in or a outdoor space, such as a workshop or shed, to pursue their hobbies. 

Townhomes are usually clustered together, so your neighbors are very close. And you’re less likely to have much of a yard. But keep in mind they often include amenities like pools, playgrounds, or workout facilities for residents to use. 

2. What are the maintenance costs? 

With a single-detached home, all maintenance and repair are typically the responsibility of the owner, although there are a few exceptions if you’re looking at a home with an HOA or at a home located in a PUD. Homeowners have to set aside money for repairs and hire professionals or try to take on the project themselves. 

In townhouse communities, homeowner association fees cover some maintenance and large scale repairs. This can provide peace of mind to homeowners feel they lack the skills, patience, or time to take on a fully detached home with all of the upkeep. Think of it like this, a townhouse gives the homeowner more responsibility than a condo, but less than a single-detached home. It may be the goldilocks solutions for the  the homeowner who wants some involvement when it comes to maintaining their home, but not the responsibility of owning and maintaining a large lot. 

3. Are the association fees worth it? 

If you are looking at any property that requires you to participate in a HOA you have to ask yourself if the association fees are worth what you receive. Remember, those fees are required annually and sometimes monthly, which can all add up to be a lot of money. HOA fees are not always constant either, they can fluctuate.  

Sometimes after considering the HOA fees, buyers find they can afford more house if they opt for a single-detached home and buy in a neighborhood that doesn’t require an HOA. But others find that the amenities and perks the HOA provides is absolutely worth the price. It all depends on the home, the HOA, and your preferences. 

Your answer to townhouse or single-detached house will probably make itself known as you visit different properties and weigh out the pros and cons. If you’re interested in discussing your homeownership goals and exploring your options, give a BHURDinUtah agent a call today. We’ll let you know what to expect in each housing type and help you decide what would work best for you and your lifestyle.