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How Football is Like a Real Estate Transaction

It's fall which means we’ve got football on the brain. After all, how could you not?! 

In football, there are many players that must work hard and work together in order to achieve the win. Likewise, in real estate there are many different “players” who you depend on to work together and help you be successful with the sale or purchase of your home. 

Just for fun, we thought we’d compare the game of football to a real estate transaction. We like to think outside the box... and we think you'll like it too 

  • In football, the Quarterback must have the ability to make the right plays and improvise when necessary. In the world of real estate, we see the quarterback as your trusted real estate consultant with the ability to negotiate and help you navigate successfully through your transaction.  

  • The Team Coach is responsible for developing the team’s game plan and motivating them to succeed. We see your BHURD agent and your mortgage lender working together as your coaches. They help you strategize on how you can get a competitive edge with your offer.

  • The defensive players protect the ball and defend the field. These players could be seen as your home inspectors and appraisers. They make sure you are protected and are getting the best house for your money.

  • The offensive players in football help move the ball down the field. These players could be your title company who ensure that any and all necessary legal documentation is completed and the transaction can proceed on time with no unwelcome surprises.

  • In a smooth football game, it takes only a handful of big plays to cover the field. In a smooth transaction with expert negotiators, like the BHURD agents, you are where you want to be before you know it.

  • In football, there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of making the winning touchdown! But we’re pretty sure when we sit with clients at the table on closing day, the feeling in that room has got to be pretty close! 

From all the agents at BHURDinUtah, regardless of who you are rooting for, we hope you all have fun this season cheering your team! And if you or someone you know is looking to work with a positive, fun, and dare we say, winning real estate consulting team, give a member of the BHURDinUtah team a call today. 

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