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What Can Solar Panels do for You?

Hearing a lot about solar panels lately? With the number of houses around the valley sporting new solar panel systems, you’ve probably noticed that solar energy in Utah is a rising trend. 

And it makes sense that with growing concern over climate change and rising energy costs, many homeowners are jumping on solar as a way to save money while being mindful of the environment. 

So what can owning solar panels do for you? Well, the benefits are great! 

  • Solar Panels Help Protect the Planet - Solar energy is a renewable resource. This means that you can use as much of the sun's energy as you like and it won't deplete it as a resource. Processing solar energy also does not release carbon emissions. 

  • Qualify for Federal or Tax Credit - You've probably seen or heard there are rebates, tax incentives, and special programs that help pay for rooftop solar to be installed on your house. And it’s true for homeowners in Utah! The programs and information vary, but if you’ve been thinking about adding solar panels, we’d encourage you to do your own research because the incentives may just make it worth your while. 

  • Save You Money on Utilities - Solar power can greatly reduce a homeowner’s monthly electric bill. And with the price of fossil fuels expected to continue to rise, solar panels can be a good investment to help homeowners save money over time.   

If you're a homeowner considering solar panels, but not sure you're going to be in your home forever, no problem.  You have two options:  1) Take the panels with you to your new home. There is obviously a cost in relocating your panels, but totally worth it.  2) Leave the panels and increase the listing price of your home. Solar panels are an awesome upgrade and attract energy loving buyers! Just pass along the energy savings to buyer of your home. 

As 2017 rolls on, you'll continue to see homeowners add solar panel systems to their homes. Talk to them to get some owner insight. And keep an eye out because we have a house coming on the market with newly installed solar panels!

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