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What is Hero Club?

Is it possible to say "thank you" too many times?  We hope not.  From the BHURDinUtah team, "Thank You!" We have amazing friends and clients who pass along our name to their friends and family because they know us and trust us.  In our eyes, that makes you a HERO!

And everybody loves a hero, right? BHURD's heroes are helping us grow our BHURD family. And we couldn't be more thrilled to work with people you know and love! We like to call this scenario the win-win-win. We love meeting new people, they’ll love our top-notch service, and you’ll love that feeling you get when you do something nice for someone. You see, everybody wins! 

As one of our premier clients, we want YOU to join our BHURD Hero Club. We think you belong in the Hero Club because you’ve worked with us, you know what we’re all about, and we like you! 

And while most hero work is done incognito, we think you deserve to be celebrated for sharing something AWESOME. As a HERO member, you’ll get hero perks like invites to special private events (we've got an awesome one coming up in November), exclusive SWAG, and that good ol' feeling you get from sharing something great with someone you know! What's better than that? 

How do you join the BHURD Hero Club? It's easy. Simply pass along our name to a friend or family member who you know will benefit from working with the BHURDinUtah team and then introduce them to us. Easy-peasy. 

So what are you waiting for? We need a HERO!!!

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