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Best and Worst Upgrades to Make Before Selling Your Home

Angie Larson

Angie joined the BHURDinUtah team in 2016. She received a degree in English from Brigham-Young University-Idaho in 2011...

Angie joined the BHURDinUtah team in 2016. She received a degree in English from Brigham-Young University-Idaho in 2011...

Sep 19 4 minutes read

Many buyers are looking for that move-in ready home. So making upgrades to your home before selling is a no-brainer! But which upgrades are the best bang for your buck? Check out our list below.

👍 Worth It!

The Power of Paint

Nothing says freshness like new paint, and it's the most cost effective improvement. Your best bet is to use a neutral-color paint, so you can present buyers with a blank canvas where they can start envisioning their own style. And don’t forget the ceilings! Buyers spend more time than you think looking at ceilings for cracks or signs of water damage. Make sure your ceilings are up to the task with a fresh coat of paint as well.  

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Many people judge the inside of your home by how it looks on the outside. If you have existing landscaping, trim overgrown trees, prune shrubs, and consider brightly colored flowers or other greenery to give your home a welcoming and well-manicured look. 

Upgrade The Kitchen and/or Bathroom

For many buyers, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And while a complete overhaul of the kitchen can be time consuming and expensive, there are other, more manageable ways to freshen up your kitchen. For example, painting the cabinets, installing new hardware, or swapping out an old light fixture for one that is more modern are all improvements that can make a big difference. Along with the kitchen, renovated bathrooms rank up there on a buyer's wish list. Consider updating toilets, fixtures, lighting, and if your budget permits, replace dingy flooring and shower/tubs. 


🚫 Skip it!

Personalized Decor

Crazy paint colors or other eccentric features aren’t the best way to win buyers. As was stated before, buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your home, and they can’t very well do so if your personality is still stamped all over the place. If you worry your home may be too personalized, consider hiring a home stager before listing. A stager will help you add items to your home that will help your home appeal to a wide variety of tastes. 

Extravagant Water Features

Pools, elaborate fountains, spas and other luxury water features can be a bit of a turn off to some buyers. The biggest reason is because water features usually require ongoing maintenance and upkeep and buyers don’t see themselves up to the task. 

Combining Bedrooms to make a Larger Room

While it may feel like a good idea at the time to create a bigger room, even small bedrooms add value to homes so you may want to resist the urge to knock the walls down. Instead, it’s better to use design tricks to make the room seem bigger like light paint colors and smaller furniture. 

If you have additional questions about the process of selling your home or how to give you home the advantage over the competition on the market, give a BHURDinUtah agent a text or call today. We’re happy to discuss your options and help you with a plan that works best for you.

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