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Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for Fall

Angie Larson

Angie joined the BHURDinUtah team in 2016. She received a degree in English from Brigham-Young University-Idaho in 2011...

Angie joined the BHURDinUtah team in 2016. She received a degree in English from Brigham-Young University-Idaho in 2011...

Oct 3 3 minutes read

It’s officially fall! The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting a little chillier, and now is the time to do a little prep work before the long winter months. Check out our list of easy tips that will help you save money and remain cozy at home all season long.


With cooler temperatures, it can be tempting to forget about your outdoors and start nesting inside. But don’t hang up your gardening gloves just yet! Fall is a perfect time to give your landscape a little TLC in order to get it through the winter months. 

  • Undo your hose bib. During cold snaps, if a hose is left connected, ice can form and pressure can build up in the water lines inside your home. If this occurs, a water line can leak or a break could occur and cause severe damage to the home. 

  • Take care of your grass. Fertilizing in the fall helps feed the roots to keep grass strong during the winter. Fall is also the time aerate and seed the parts that are stressed from the summer's sun or trampled from foot traffic.

  • Make sure your sprinkler lines are drained. Water left in the pipes of your irrigation system can freeze over winter, causing damage to the entire system. Have all irrigation lines blown out or drained so lines, heads and valves don't crack.

  • Clear your rain gutters. Your roof’s drainage system will divert thousands of gallons of water from your house’s exterior and foundation walls over the course of your home’s lifetime. Clear your rain gutters of leaves and debris to make sure water can flow freely during the winter season.


Rain, snow and ice are just around the corner, and chances are you’ll soon be spending a lot more time indoors than you have recent months. Keep your castle, and yourself, warm and cozy with these simple tips. 

  • Replace furnace filters. Dirty furnace filters reduce your furnace effectiveness, push up heating bills, and ultimately shorten the life of your furnace. Check and replace the furnace filter monthly in winter or every three months. 

  • Set ceiling fan blades for cooler winter - Set fan blades to move clockwise in cooler weather. This way the fan lifts cool air to the ceiling and pushes the heated air down to you. 

  • Check for Air Leaks - Check all the window frames and doors in your home for cracks where cold air could come through. If you find a leak, use caulk and weather stripping to seal out the cooler air.

  • Have your chimney inspected - Chiller temperatures call for a cozy nights by the fireplace. Stay safe and have a professional inspect, clean and clear your chimney of any debris or buildup that could potentially start a fire. 

We want everyone to enjoy their home in every season! So act today while the weather is still nice to protect your home and your pocketbook with these simple cool weather tasks.  

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